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The Tropical Forest is an exciting, indoor exhibition of tropical birds, animals, insects, fish and amphibians. This popular attraction, set in Syon Park, West London, brings the exotic life of the rainforest to children of all ages.

You may also know us as the Tropical Zoo. The name has changed, but our mission to care for rescued and endangered animals remains our priority.

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We are grateful to the many fund-raisers who have helped us with our vital work and we would like to thank the Duke of Northumberland who has kindly extended our lease until September 2011. This will allow us to build our new premises at another location, and continue our work with rescued and endangered species. With your help we aim to create a safe haven for our animals. Every donation, no matter how small, will be used to save our zoo and the lives of rescued and endangered animals.
To donate, please make cheques payable to:
'The Tropical Zoo' and send to:
The Tropical Zoo
Syon Park

Come and see cute Squirrel Monkeys and Marmosets scamper and play, while colourful Macaws and Cockatoos fill the air with their calls. Dare to touch exotic lizards, hairy tarantulas, boas and baby crocodiles. Don’t touch the Poison Arrow Frogs! Watch them safely in their secure enclosure and learn how they got their name. See tropical snakes in all sizes from 40cm minis to 4 metre monsters. Watch the crocodiles display awesome power, speed and strength. Feast your eyes on fabulous fish, including Red Belly Piranha, Jumping Silver Arrowana, huge Catfish and graceful Koi.

There is always something to do at the Tropical Forest. Ask our staff about feeding times, pond dipping and animal encounters. Why not join our Mini Keepers Club and learn how we take care of the rescued and endangered animals in our exhibition?

We like to combine fun and education. The Tropical Forest is a favourite with teachers planning a school trip because we tailor the experience to meet curriculum needs, while making sure every child is enjoys the day. The Tropical Forest is a great venue for birthday parties too.

This family run centre is a haven for rescued and endangered species.

Ring 020 8847 4730 for more information or for group bookings

Closed Christmas, Boxing Day and New Year’s Day
Unlimited Free Parking